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    Its know-how, together with its highly-skilled personnel and partners,has enabled ARSIS to carry out projects with particular characteristics,which helped it become known in the sector, such as:

    • Utilisation of every square metre without the loss of any space.

    • Ergonomy of spaces.

    • Harmony between architecture and practicality, both within the buildings and in every apartment.

    • Quality of constructions with exemplary durability that withstands time.

    • Aftersales dynamics of the constructions.

    • Continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of the projects.



    With respect to the art of construction and to the science of engineering, ARSIS has carried out many highspecification construction projects, while it continues to successfully carry out its activities with the construction and sale of residences, private projects, renovations of all typesand the provision of services in the technical – construction sector, such as the issue of permits – preparation of studies and the legalisation of illegal constructions.



    ARSIS, a technical, engineering and construction company, celebrating 20 years of successful growth in its sector, has successfully undertaken and completed a plethora of projects, primarily in the southern regions of Attica.

    Its long-standing presence has helped it develop a high level of organisation in all areas of the construction sector.

    On both an engineering and construction level, ARSIS designs, plans and carries out projects that ensure a quality life for its clients.



    With an aim towards improving the quality of its buildings and protecting the environment, ARSIS constructs its buildings in accordance with European specifications and with an emphasis on the environment, as well as on energy savings.

    ARSIS keeps abreast of the developments in its sector and is always present constantly looking to the future!


ARchitectural Superiority Innovative Structures


New building – Koritsas 20 street Glifada Αthens

The new building is located inKoritsas 20 street in Glifada Athens. It includes three individual, energy efficient, floor-through apartments.

Jan 29 2020 Blog (English) 1766

New building –Psarοn 13 street, Ilioupoli Αthens

The new building is located in Psarοn 13 street in Ilioupoli. It includes four individual, energy efficient, floor-through apartments.

Jan 02 2020 Blog (English) 1243

New building - 32 Korai street, Ilioupoli Αthens

The new building is located in Korai 32 street in Ilioupoli, near Ilioupolis metro station. It includes four individual, energy efficient, floor-through apartments.

Sep 06 2019 Blog (English) 1460

New building - 25 Κolchidos street, Ηellinikon Αthens

5 Floor-through apartments 90m2 & 111m2 An antiseismic, highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly structure

Nov 14 2018 Blog (English) 1659


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